American Pie

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(1999) Directed by Paul Weitz/Chris Weitz. Jim (Jason Biggs) is thoroughly obsessed with sex, a fact of which his parents become aware of when they discover him performing the sin of Onan with a gym sock while watching scrambled pay-per-view porn. Jim and his buddies Kevin (Thomas Ian Nicholas), Finch (Eddie Kaye Thomas), and Oz (Chris Klein) are no less anxious to relieve themselves of their virginity, so they all make a pledge: they will go to bed with a woman in the three weeks before senior prom or die trying. Kevin appears to have the advantage, since he already has a girlfriend, Vicky (Tara Reid), but before he ventures into the Final Frontier, Kevin is urged to consult "The Bible," a hand-written how-to manual possessing erotic wisdom passed down through the ages. [Comedy]

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