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Adam Growe returns to host Cash Cab Music – an exciting reboot of the fan-favourite quiz show. The famous cab takes to the streets looking to test unsuspecting contestants on their musical knowledge. The more music trivia they know, the more cash in their pockets.

This new version takes all the bells and whistles of the original hit series, and adds a musical spin – including a new segment called ‘Cash Cab Karaoke,’ where the contestants sing their answers to win a bonus prize.


Weeknights at 8 and Back-to-Back Episodes Saturdays at 8, exclusively on GameTV

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A unique and exciting new segment in this new season, ‘Cash Cab Karaoke!’ If the contestants arrive at their destination having earned cash, they can opt to bet it all – double or nothing. To win, the contestants need to sing the correct answer to Adam’s question. If the contestants choose not to play, they can simply take the money and run. But, Adam will first ask the question and see if they would have been able to they sing the answer. ‘Cash Cab Karaoke’ is the magic moment of CASH CAB MUSIC, and it happens at least once every episode.



Adam welcoming contestants


Adam Growe explains the rules and asks if the passengers want to play. They buckle up and become contestants in a music trivia game show on wheels.




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