Break Up; The

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(2006) Directed by Peyton Reed. Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Anniston star as Gary and Brooke, a young couple that meets and falls in love in Chicago. After a while, they move in together and everything is going great until they have one fight too many and break up. Unable to agree on just about anything, they each refuse to move out of their jointly owned condo and become roommates. Still frustrated with each other and hurt, Gary and Brooke both begin acting out to annoy the other in a series of hilarious hijinks. Their friends quickly tire of the bickering, and realtor Mark (Jason Bateman) uses his professional connections to sell the ex-couple's condo to force them to sort out their differences or part ways. Whether Mark's dramatic move will help the couple reunite or separate for good will be determined by their move-out date in two weeks, one way or another. [Comedy / Romance / Drama]

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