Stream Me

Enabled by the popularity of the Twitch streaming platform, self made media stars have the ability to be  International icons in their specific realm of expertise from anywhere in the world. In this place of no boundaries,  those with the desire and the tenacity can make it to stardom and success. 

The Stream Me Media Project is an integrated, multi-platform content creation and release strategy involving  two complementary and connected executions. The culminating cornerstone of the project is the Stream Me  Feature Film, which is complemented by the strategic companion Stream Me Web Series initiative, which is  designed for prerelease to the targeted core audience that lives online. 

The feature film is an inspirational, heartwarming story of Adira, a 16 year old high school student who  discovers her love for gaming. With some help from a top Twitch streamer as her mentor, Adira quickly rises  to a professional streaming status. The film looks to explore the world of online gaming through the eyes of a  young indigenous girl living in rural Nova Scotia. Adira has a good relationship with her single mother, Mitzi  who works at the local indigenous community centre, where Adira also volunteers her time. Jamal, Adira’s long  time best friend is heavily involved in the Africville community, a historic part of Halifax that was once home to  several Afro-metis Nova Scotians, that endured deep hardship of segregation and discrimination. Jamal plays  an active role in the Africville reunion that takes place in Halifax every summer. Unlike some teenagers, Adira  and Jamal care deeply about their community, they get along with their parents and teachers and are all around  good kids. But not unlike a lot of teenage girls, Adira struggles with body image issues, insecurity and low self  worth, mostly arising from the hardships and challenges of her heritage and early life. When she discovers her  knack for online gaming, her ambition to succeed quickly takes hold. Even with her newfound success, she  comes out the other side having learned what really matters and how to stay true to who she really is.